Photography by Hyett

I have a collection of snapshots that are almost as old as I am -- frozen moments in time captured throughout my existence. It is an incomplete compilation filled with out-of-context images that are often faded and tattered. Unfortunately, I cannot share these images with others, as they are my memories. Literally.

I have another collection of snapshots that are also almost as old as I am. These also represent a random selection of people, places, and events throughout my life. Many of these images are also tattered and faded. However, these memories can be shared, as they are photographs.

Often, I find it difficult to separate the two collections and the older I get, the less I can distinguish between them. The two collections are so tightly intertwined together that they become one and the same. What's the difference anyway? Experiences happen in an instant; memories and photographs last a lifetime.

Somewhere between our past memories and our future past memories lies our present day experiences and photographs. Photography by Hyett specializes in creating fine art memories for you to share with generations of loved ones.

Photography by Hyett - Hamilton, VA (5 miles from Leesburg) - (540) 338-3391 -

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